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The International English Language TestingSystem(IELTS)measures the languageproficiency ofpeople who
wantto study or work where English is usedasalanguage of communication. It usesanine-bandscale to
clearly identify levels ofproficiency, fromnon-user (bandscore 1) through to expert (bandscore 9).

For you,the IELTS score isaproof of your Englishproficiency ingeneral. IELTS is recognised worldwideand
that’s why if you haveagoodIELTS score, you can use this testresultasproof of yourproficiency in handling
Englishasasecondlanguage. If you wanttomigrate toacountry where English is spoken or wanttoget
enrolledinacollege or university, IELTS testresult speaks for your English Language skill.

An IELTS certificate is recognisedas evidence ofproficiency in Englishbymore than 10,000 educationand
trainingproviders worldwide. Some universities in non-English speakingcountries requirean IELTS score,
where coursesare taughtin English.

IELTS isavailableatmore than 1,200 locations worldwide,andthereare 48 testdatesayear. More than 3
Million tests were takenaroundthe worldlast year.

The cost ofthe Paper Based IELTS examatHawthorn Muscatis OMR 90.000and Computer BasedIELTS Exam
is OMR 94.000

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